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Allure International

Dog Life Jacket



- Provide ultimate buoyancy for doggies with floatation foam;
- Allow for excellent mobility of doggies in the water;
- Lightweight to allow comfort and reduce fatigue while wearing;
- Colorful and light reflecting stripes on the back to ensure highest visibility under low-light and poor visibility conditions;
- Mesh underbelly for quick drying;
- Fully adjustable Neck and Chest Straps;
- Durable and comfortable neoprene belly band keeps pet warm in the water;
- Carry handle & D-ring attachment

- Available in sizes:
XS- Back Length 21cm, Bust 30-42cm, Neck 25-35cm;
S - Back Length 26cm, Bust 41-53cm, Neck 36-47cm;
M -Back Length 30cm, Bust 45-63cm, Neck 40-48cm;
L -Back Length 35cm, Bust 50-75cm, Neck 42-54cm;
XL - Back Length 45cm, Bust 70-95cm, Neck 50-71cm

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